“Regret” from Hegemon mainstay OBESØN

Dark skies, clouds drawing near and perhaps a little rain. Somber weather is reflective, makes us look at ourselves. What we’ve done or not done. Who we’ve met or not met. Have we seized every opportunity that came our way? No one knows for sure, and that’s exactly the effect Meshach Gordon (OBESØN) has; an enigma wrapped in a mystery. “Regret” is definitely a freebie worth downloading!

“Pop vocals on one hand and electronic comedown music on the other”

Obeson - Give Me All Your LoveThe feels are so deep, a soundscape perfected. An introduction that calmly eases us into an amazing chilled out bass drop. Vocal sampling fancifully dancing around a gorgeous chord arrangement and coupled with hypnotic hats and bass- “Regret” develops over the course of three and a half minutes into an emotionally charged piece of art. Much like his post-summer single “Give Me All Your Love” available here!hegemon-promo

Hegemon is an AIA Artist Collective consisting of Chilled Velvet, GRIMM, TroyBoi, OBESØN and many more. They focus on the mysterious underbelly of electronic music. From chill trap a la $aturn to the melancholic sounds of DIVERSA, Hegemon has been a major benefit to each of the artists within just by the sheer power of a combined fan base. Keep up to date on their goings on by following them on Soundcloud and Twitter!

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I am a Trance/Electro producer from the Seattle-Eastside area. I want to know EDM better and am always trying to find new sounds.
- 3 weeks ago
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