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Deeply addicted to Cubicolor's "A New High"

Saturday, October 04, 2014
Nolan Oribello

Making A Name

Just three months after dropping the Next Planet EP, elusive Netherlands act Cubicolor is back with another three tracks to whet our appetites. Got This Feeling EP continues to showcase their melodic brand of boundary-pushing deep house grooves. cubicolor got this feeling

Cubicolor - Got This Feeling EP

It is an overall whimsical offering sprinkled with strings, wind chimes, and other ambient instrumentation. The title track, which sent shockwaves through listeners when it appeared on The Anjunadeep Edition 07, is a gateway from which we enter the fantasy world of Still Linger In My Dreams. But it is the overlooked third track that stands out to me most.

Cubicolor - A New High

Skillful Flirtatiousness

A New High is like melted dark chocolate. The seductive percussion is catchy and addicting, moving us through an array of sounds. Like savoring the taste of a complex cabernet, subtle nuances that may go under-appreciated on the dance floor are revealed to those who listen closer.  It is a deliciously sexy experience that leaves a lasting impression.  I expect nothing less coming from Anjunadeep. Cubicolor, you naughty minx. I see you...

The Anjunadeep Edition 07 with Cubicolor