Zeelaa Puts A Deep House Feel On “Say My Name “

Zeelaa, a 16 year old  from Chicago who has been producing for about a year and a half is killing with these remixes. Zeelaa first discovered electronic music in about 2009 when he heard Headhunterz and a lot of other hardstyle artists. Which is why a lot of his songs have a drop with hardstyle kicks or influence because that is his favorite genre.

Odesza feat. Zyra – Say My Name (Zeelaa Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD)

“I actually saw Odesza released stems for the song, and I loved the original so I decided to show my take on it. It’s deep house which is VERY different from my usual hard hitting trap/hardstyle stuff, but it was a lot of fun trying something outside my comfort zone.” – Zeelaa

Zeelaa has a very strong opinion on genres. ” I find it irritating that people simply won’t listen to a song just because it falls into a certain genre. I’m actually pretty sure one of my uploads genre is listed as “Fuck Genres” because I believe good music is good music, no matter if it’s trance, dub step, hardstyle or even jazz haha. People need to learn to stop hating.” – Zeelaa

I actually really love this deep house/future house feels this track has. It has been on repeat for a while now and I just had to share this amazing remix with all of you.

As for some of Zeelaa’s other remixes I personally love these two.

Adventure Club – Thunderclap (Zeelaa Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

” I loved the original and thought it would sound insane trapped out. I sent it to Adventure Club and they liked it, they’ve supported my stuff in the past and have played out my songs so they are super awesome.” – Zeelaa

This Thunderclap remix it really does the song justice and if you’re a trap fan then, man you will drop dead after you hear this remix.

Galantis – You (Zeelaa Remix) (FREE DOWNLOAD) 

“My remix of ‘You’ is one of my favorites I’ve ever made. It’s the first time I tried to blend like chill elements with my typical hard sound.” – Zeelaa

This remix of You I like better then the original. The second drop just makes you want to TURN UP! Take a listen, I bet you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure you follow Zeelaa’s Soundcloud because he is always dropping new track on there and none of them disappoint.

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Madison Riccardi

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