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House Doesn't Get Much Deeper Than "Down Here"

Thursday, October 09, 2014
Erik Skoog

You know that time right around 3:30 in the morning? When you've all gotten back from a show or some after hours club and everyone has congregated your home base's living room? Of course it's you and your usual crew, some of their other friends, that girl your friend is trying a little too hard with, and that one guy who no one seems to know but is probably cool. And at first everyone is totally amped from the concert and has a ton of energy, turning on the music and moving from room to room and playing with their gloves. everyone appears to be having either a really intense or completely inane conversation. Suddenly you look up from your chair and see half empty drinks condensing on the counter and everyone else has passed out in various stages of couch yoga and realize that you are the only one still awake? This is the song that's playing. You can hear the birds outside and can feel it starting to get light out, and you get to have that moment just to yourself where you really absorb your surroundings. Life's not too bad sometimes. [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="688"]mornings in the city Mornings are best when earned.[/caption] You should find something to do though, because you're probably not getting to sleep anytime soon.