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Cyril Hahn drops Voices EP

Thursday, October 16, 2014
Hannah King

I opened up my soundcloud feed this afternoon, much like any other afternoon, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that Cyril Hahn had dropped his Voices EP. There was some ambiguity about when this EP would be released, with the latest news from mixmag stating "sometime soon" back in August. Cyril Hahn and PMR records quietly released this 4 track EP at 12pm PST today (October 15, 2014), and it has blown up in the last couple of hours.

This EP is particularly exciting because it marks Cyril Hahn's first EP featuring multiple original tracks. 

The first song on the EP, 'Slow ft. Rochelle Jordan', has a classic r&b sound to it. The feel-good synth and Rochelle Jordan's effortless, sensual vocals make up for the fact that the song is a bit repetitive and predictable. The second track, 'Open ft. Ryan Ashley', is actually my favorite of the four, although it seems to be the least popular of the EP so far (according to soundcloud likes). It starts out with a simple strong descending bassline that we hear carried out through the song, and as it progresses, more and more layers are added. Cyril Hahn's uplifting, dreamy beat featuring that irresistible bassline, is complemented nicely by Ryan Ashley's yearning vocals. The third track, 'Breaking', is a collaboration with Javeon, and is, by far, the most popular song on the EP. This song, released 8 months ago as a single, was what first began to generate buzz about a Cyril Hahn EP. The smooth vocals are interrupted by the kick in all the right places, making me want to snap my fingers and sway back and forth to this sexy track. The final track, 'Getting There', is the only song in which another artist is not featured, although we do hear some repetitive vocals that are difficult to understand amidst the rumbling deep bass, the real star of this track. All I could make out was "I feel something now." Me too, Cyril, me too... Cyril Hahn is an OG in the deep house scene. Originally hailing from Switzerland (why do so many amazing house producers come from Northern Europe?), and now residing in Vancouver, B.C., we folks here in the Northwest have been blessed with his presence multiple times. He's been making deep, sexy remixes for years. His 'Say My Name' remix garnered a lot of attention after Annie Mac aired it on her BBC radio show, and you can check out more of our favorite Cyril Hahn tracks by clicking this link!

Cyril Hahn proves that he is much more than just a remix king with Voices