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The Rooftop Boys Are Back With A Free Download!

Sunday, October 19, 2014
Chris Bergin

Here to save summer from its inevitable extinction are The Rooftop Boys. The dynamic duo, known for the infectious summer-y remixes, released one last sun soaked jam just a few days ago. For this one they revived Nico & Vinz's smash hit "Am I Wrong", transforming the upbeat pop song into a future/deep house masterpiece. The boys are attempting a rare feat, a 3rd consecutive HypeMachine #1. Honestly, I think they'll get it; this remix is dirty. Also, they waited the absolute perfect amount of time to release "Am I Wrong." If they'd released it over the summer, their remix would've been lost in a sea of other remixes. Now, they've got no competition. Check out the beaut below! Also, the track notes from The Boys below are hysterical...

Nico & Vinz - Am I Wrong (The Rooftop Boys Remix)

TRACK NOTES: - Originally, Nico & Vinz were named "Envy" but after "Am I Wrong" blew up internationally they changed their name to Nico & Vinz. We decided to do some snooping about other celebrity name changes. Here is what we found: - Imagine Dragons was originally a Dungeon and Dragons cover band called Puff The Music Dragon. Once the major labels got involved, they informed the guys that due to copyright issues, "Puff the Music Dragon" could no longer be used. Heartbroken by the news, the band sat around trying to "imagine" a new name. Long story short, due to lack of creativity, they're now Imagine Dragons. - When David Guetta came to the USA in 1927, his family of hair stylists entered the gates of Elis Island. Unfortunately, at the immigration booth, no one in the Guetta family could speak english, except for little David. Here is where the story gets good. David's real name is actually Shirley. Little David told the immigration officer, "I'm here for the American Dream! I want to eat, sleep, rave, repeat! I want to be a DJ!". The guard looked at him and said, "Son. With your long hair, and unfortunate girly name, you have no chance at succeeding. They'll eat you alive with that name. I'll do you a favor. Your new name is David. Everybody likes David. Good luck with the career" - Other Musicians who switched their name: - Limp Bizket was originally Limp Penis (yikes) - Miley Cyrus was Miley Syphilis (ironic, right!?) - Wendy Williams was Will Wendy (because she actually has a penis) - Lady Gaga was Sir Gag Me (pretty obvious) - Taylor Swift's full name is Taylor "Pumpkin Spice Latte" Swift, but Starbucks pressed charges for defamation of character, and demanded she drop the pumpkin bit. They said she was too much of a white girl. <3 on HypeM:…e+Rooftop+Boys+Remix @therooftopboys