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Kaskade - Redux EP (free download!)

Thursday, October 23, 2014
Nolan Oribello

Kaskade frees the music...LITERALLY.


It's no secret how Kaskade feels about music-sharing. A very vocal and staunch advocate, you can find much of his music on his Soundcloud account and YouTube channel for free. He literally gives it away and encourages you to take it.
Let the people have the music. Or, to put it in language that makes more sense for the ones who can only speak dollar bill - Free the music, and your cash will follow. - Kaskade, brb...Deleting Soundcloud.
For those who don't follow Kaskade's Twitter that closely, you may have missed this last week: And if you're at all familiar with Redux or have been lucky enough to attend a Redux set, then you know--this is kinda like a big deal.

Let The Music Speak

Staying true to his word, he has released the five track EP song by song--which still goes for $7.45 (or $1.49/track) on Beatport, mind you--and each track is available for free download. It's with this same generous attitude and attentiveness to his fans that he has amassed such a loyal following, and why Kaskade continues to remain a fan favorite. Download, share, and dance to your heart's content. I am confident he would have it no other way.

Kaskade - Please Say You Will ft Adam Klopp

Kaskade - Sweet Love ft Joslyn

Kaskade & Wild Children - Catalyst

Kaskade & Amtrac - Yep

Kaskade & deCarl - Ain't Gotta Lie