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Autograf Brings Late Night Vibes to Dirty South's "Unbreakable"

Friday, October 31, 2014
Chris Bergin

Dirty South's "Unbreakable" has been remixed by some incredible up and coming artists, including: SNBRN, Elephante, Daktyl, and now Autograf. dj-montage These remixers epitomize the development of Soundcloud-based producers, often uploading tracks in the wee hours of the morning from filthy bedrooms in Wherever, USA/UK. This new era of play-based popularity has allowed for the expansion and development of unique sounds. In the case of certain tracks, these bedroom producers have matched, and even eclipsed world renowned DJ's & producers through their reworks of well-known originals. I've watched these producers explode on the scene, many making a splash through the pure quality of their work, rather than their connections within the dance music industry. This can directly be seen in the rise of Manilla Killa, who found his name on the official DAWN GOLDEN "Still Life" Remix EP strictly through the enormously positive public response to his delightful re-work of "All I Want". Tangent aside, lets delve into Autograf's flip of Dirty South's "Unbreakable". This remix has a certain sinister undertone, yet maintains a surprising laid back vibe. That's confusing isn't it? To put it simply, this song would be perfect for zoning the hell out while staring at some colorful lights. Am I doing that now? You'll never know. If things are getting late, and you're looking to bring some spooky bass this weekend, throw on this jam. Drift your way into Halloweekend with this groovy number....have a listen below & purchase HERE.

P.S.  Make sure you read Autograf's notes on the song/"Future Nites" (top right on Soundcloud). It's awesome to see the exponential growth of a group still yet to release an official record.