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Staying Alive With Sam Feldt And Chris Meid

Friday, October 31, 2014
Gabby Espinet

Hmm...where to even begin with this?

They said that deep house and tropical house would just be a fad, but they were sadly mistaken. Sometimes it takes one artist to continue to push a movement forward, and Sam Feldt is just the artist the tropical house realm needed.

Jose Gonzalez - Stay Alive (Sam Feldt & Chris Meid Remix)

What soothing vocals we have here, courtesy of Jose Gonzalez. Feldt never fails to put his best foot forward in terms of saxophones, dreamy drums, and flattering flutes. His collaboration with Chris Meid is a tropical house track sent down from the Hawaiian Gods. This is some jamming, luau-ish music we have right here guys. I know that is not really a thing, but if someone starts the trend, I know that sooner or later others will follow, and the chain will forever live on. I will say this though, this one is slightly different than the usual sounds we hear from Sam, but I think Feldt and Meid made a great decision to embrace their Kygo side.

More importantly, that swing that hits at 1 minute and 36 seconds always gets me.

So if you are in a bad mood or not feeling it, be sure to play this track. I promise the chill melodic goods will exceed your expectations.