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EXCLUSIVE PREMIERE: "A Great Day" - Brooklyn Shanti ft. TinaKristina (Thomas Blondet House Edit)

Thursday, November 06, 2014
Alex Blake

Finding new material in the electronic music world can be a double edged sword. On one hand, you have comparatively cheap, easy and accessible tools for music creation that span the Earth and open up musical creativity on a global scale. However, on the other hand, these same tools can result in less-than-thought-out musical projects, quick attempts at creativity to turn a profit, and producers who, despite their best efforts, might be better suited producing something other than electronic music. Thomas Blondet’s edit of Brooklyn Shanti’s “A Great Day” most definitely falls in the former category as it seamlessly assembles a diverse musical culture into a single track. Brooklyn Shanti is a globally influenced bass emcee, hailed as the Indian Bambaataa (by this guy). After my perusal of his tracks, I can tell he frequently draws from a panoply of genres to create unique tracks with familiar, yet distinctive soundscapes. Retaining these positive features, Thomas Blondet’s edit imbues Shanti’s unique style with the energy to get the deep house dance floor moving. [caption id="attachment_28100" align="aligncenter" width="720"]Brooklyn Shanti Brooklyn Shanti[/caption] Just as a note, and perhaps as a qualifier, as far as deep house is concerned, I’m pretty new to scene. In fact, I rarely can accurately tell you the difference between sub-genres of house. Despite the fact that producers like Tchami and Jack Beats are technically “future house,” Shiba San termed “g-house” and Claptone being labeled “deep house,” it all basically represents the same idea to me. Somewhat minimalistic approaches to sonic components, four on the floor beats, and a composition to make my head bob (as opposed to my body “rage”). Same, if not worse, for my knowledge of trance. I listened to Above & Beyond Group Therapy 100 and now just use that as my meter of what trance is “supposed to sound like.” I suspect this belief will draw criticism. tl;dr I’m not deft with genre definition. I just listen to tracks that sound good (and, on occasion, some that don’t).  [caption id="attachment_28101" align="aligncenter" width="769"]Thomas Blondet Thomas Blondet[/caption] ANYWAY, Brooklyn Shanti’s original track posted below (which is a collaboration with TinaKristina) could be described as a blissful morning pick-me-up that is woven together with ethereal vocals and, to the best of my knowledge, trance-y vibes. In other words, the original “A Great Day” is bright, but chill, delicate, but beat-driven, and above all else, a track that stands out as unique among a genre that occasionally lacks such individuality. Thomas Blondet’s edit elevates the more dance oriented elements of Shanti’s production, emphasizing the four on the floor feel, introducing a more definitive bass line, and morphing the mood from a track appropriate for morning meditation to a vibe that makes you move on the dance floor. This might sound like a contradiction, but trust me, listen to the track and you’ll get it. Check out the other two tracks on the "A Great Day" EP on November 11, 2014!