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Video Killed the Radio Star...Will Radio Kill The EDM Star?

Thursday, November 06, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Radio Killed The EDM Star

As most people remember, "Video killed the radio star." In 2014, overplays are killing the EDM star. Whether it be Skrillex’s Cinema, Knife Party’s Internet Friends or Avicii’s Levels, these good tunes have been played past their due to the point that I don’t even carry them on my iPod anymore. This is what happened with Red Lights by Tiesto. The tunes catchy beat found its way onto the radio and instantly became overplayed. I swear I heard the tune 10+ times a day. Not to mention how many times Tiesto included the tune into his summer sets.

 Glastrophobie Who?

When I stumbled across Glastrophobie's remix, I was prepared to quickly pass over it. I had just gotten the original out of my mind and wasn’t looking forward to hearing the lyrics again quite yet. The name of the artist is what sold me. When I pressed play, I was immediately glad I did. The German artist stripped the original down to a beautiful piano piece adding in a nice drum kick to bounce your head along too.

 Tiesto - Red Lights (Glastrophobie Remix)

From the beginning moment, the piano hooks you in and sends your mind to outer space. The out-of-body experience makes you forget about lyrics being sung as time slows down around you. The piano guides you on an adventure through fields of laughter and dancing as the perfect moment lasts the entire song. No, those chills aren't because its cold, those are some deep house chills. deep house chill OTB This smooth, chilled out remix has officially brought Red Lights out of the mainstage into the deepest of sets for everyone to enjoy. The German native Glastrophobie continues to prove that he is a deep house force with this new remix. Check out his SoundCloud for more deep house madness including a remix of Born Cages’ Rolling Down The Hill and Dylan LeBlanc’s If the Creek Don’t Rise. If you can’t pronounce his name, don’t worry, he also accepts Glastro. Enjoy the tune, thank him for the FREE DOWNLOAD and happy listening.