Yeezus Rises a Deep House Master

Kanye West – Deep/Slaves/Mercy (SomeOneHad2DoIt Edition)

To think Kanye West deep house would go together so smoothly is mind-blowing, yet SomeOneHad2DoIt is able to do just that. Combining both Slaves and Mercy together as one, SomeOneHad2DoIt gives Yeezus a fresh new taste and lays their territory down as a prominent group. This was their first post on soundcloud, so look out for much more from SomeOneHad2DoIt.

Sage DeVault

Sage DeVault

I'm an 18 year old freshman at ASU studying Broadcast/Journalism. Besides contributing for onlythebeat, I'm a DJ and sample-based producer and love attending concerts and events.
Sage DeVault

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