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This Is What Alicia Keys Sounds Like On Kaskade's New Label

Thursday, December 11, 2014
Nolan Oribello


Welcome To Arkade

So what do you do when your label initially rejects your Grammy-nominated work, Soundcloud starts removing your music from your own account, and you find yourself without a means to get your music out? For Kaskade, who vented earlier this year about his troubles, the solution is now clear: you make your own label.
"There is an abundance of raw talent out there, now more than ever. There is also a dire need for new talent to be brought to the forefront.  Arkade is here to do that, to promote one kind of music. Music that I love." - Kaskade

Fairchild - I Just Want You

The first single from Arkade comes from newly-signed talent Fairchild. The vocals, taken from Alicia Keys's 2007 hit "No One," are tweaked into a low, haunting plea over warping synths and a groovy bass line. I normally prefer that nobody mess with Alicia's voice, but Fairchild's skillful manipulation accomplishes an appropriate tone and context. It's a dark and moody tune, balanced out with echoey, upbeat percussions and moments of minimalism. I wouldn't be surprised if it made it's way into the middle of a Redux set. A great way to introduce a new artist, and a strong start for the infant label. "I Just Want You" is now available on Beatport.