Faded on Free Downloads

Free download? Yes please.

WKND free download ZHU faded

The WKND is up on remixing duties and has officially handled his business, 30k+ plays on the first day. Are you kidding me! Pushing ZHU’s Faded out as a free download was a brilliant move, but it’s clear WKND is onto something more with his sound. It’s really resonating with our scene and he’s one of those artists I applaud for crossing the lines between genres.

Don’t get me wrong! I still like my Trance pure.

But I also agree with this quote from WKND’s Soundcloud Page:

Long Nights.
Deep Thoughts.
Be Indie. Kill Genres.


(click through to his SC profile to snag the Free download)

Bouts to turn this up and hit the club on a Tuesday. Who’s with me?

drake happy hanukkah

Shout out to all the homies celebrating Hanukkah Tonight!

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Daniel Taibleson

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Daniel Taibleson
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