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Gorgon City Executes First Real (Successful) Crossover EDM Track

Thursday, December 18, 2014
Daniel Taibleson

This is an important moment in the History of Dance music. Deep House duo Gorgon City has successfully created a (soon to be) hit track with one of America's most famous mainstream pop vocalists. Fuck all this Nicki Minaj, Drake, Lil Wayne Deep House talk. We're talking about someone from "The Voice," a show that consistently ranks in America's top 10 most viewed programs. 30, 40+ million views. A woman who just won an Academy Award...Are you kidding me? [caption id="attachment_29705" align="aligncenter" width="386"]nicki minaj deep house gif Crossovers don't work when one artist is this classless[/caption] Gorgon City is the first EDM act (I'm sure they are cringing at that classification) to successfully execute a tasteful crossover track that remains true to both artist's sounds and will be received well by both groups of fans. Not to mention the timing is absolutely perfect. America has never been more primed and ready for this type of cross over, and Jennifer Hudson's personal story is the icing on the cake that could potentially result in a full scale massive Deep House takeover in 2015. Even is talking about it! Saying in an article "We hadn't heard this song live yet, and we're really into it!" When was the last time a site like that had anything good to say about dance music? (I didn't dig very deep...) Brace yourselves...The remixes are fucking FIRE.

Gorgon City Featuring Jennifer Hudson - Go All Night (remixes)

We've known Deep House is slowly but surely taking over. Here are just a few of the articles we've published on the matter in the last 2 years:

Why Deep House Will Never Rest Want to rule the world? Use Deep House Why Deep House is Here to Stay But I believe this collaboration is the manifestation and culmination of  some intelligent people taking dance music seriously and (finally!) entering the space to make moves because they've realized there is an opportunity to capture the audience of the future. What audience you ask? I explain exactly what I'm talking about in this post. Here's an excerpt:
the Future R&B Jamz shared with us today are going to be the perfect segway for a whole new group of edm enthusiast. Music fans who are currently in a love affair with hip-hop and R&B have already begun to notice Deep House artists and vice versa; Deep House producers are rising to fame (at least in # of Soundcloud followers) quicker than ever before, getting recognition from this new group that’s familiar with the 4 on the floor structure of House music that’s so similar to hip-hop and R&B. 
Illyus & Barrientos remix stood out above all the others (I did LOVE the DnB remix from Wilkinson as well). I can see teens bobbing their heads to this, and I ultimately think we can look to Las Vegas to prove my theory that there is a serious shift happening in the Dance Music scene. For those in tune with Vegas, you're well aware of the new SLS hotel that just opened along with their clubs, specifically LiFE. They're booking acts like Pete Tong, Erick Morillo, Sharam, and Deep Dish. Whether we like to admit it or not, Vegas has the final say on what America deems worthy of our entertainment. If America wants it, you can bet there's someone in Vegas that's looking to make a buck by supplying it. Of course there are big mainstream artists that are locked into deals with XS and that one shitty club (Oh, ya, I mean, Hakkasan) ((No seriously, if there was a fire at Hakkasan, everyone would die)), but people like me, who love the music, are over this cheesy-ass commercial EDM trend and we're going to seek out the best music, even if that means leaving the strip to find it, or if that means the club is a little less packed... Wait a sec, does a less packed club actually sound good to you? It sure does to me. I've been at XS (randomly) the last two years in a row on their record breaking attendance nights, and to be honest with you I think I walked in and walked right back out. I would have been furious if I paid $100 to get in only to be shoved and bumped around all night by drunk peeps in Vegas for the first time acting like it's the last (or first) night of their life (and no, I'm not paying $16 a drink). Would Nicki Minaj be good for dance music and Deep House? Ahhhh, ummm, if you want to believe that all press is good press then sure, why not, make that argument. Whatever. I'm talking about something much more serious here. A strategically planned and well-executed crossover track from genuine artists on both sides of the spectrum. For those who care, this is an extremely exciting time. Do you want your daughter listening to Calvin Harris and Rihanna, or Gorgon City and Jennifer Hudson. Think about it, don't respond just yet, but I know my answer. (Basic Bitches: please refrain from commenting b/c we already know your answer too, k thanks byeeeee :) )

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