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Patrick Hagenaar ‘Promesses’ to Get Your Feet Moving

Monday, December 29, 2014
Alex Zimmerman

Promesses… And they still feel all so wasted on myself… oh ooops wrong song. Who needs Nero’s track when Tchami fills all your desires with his track “Promesses?” Patrick Hagenaar outdoes the original with a remix of the tune that will make a huge splash in 2015. Taking styles from Trance, Deep House and a little bit of Big Room, Patrick Hagenaar will continue his meteoric rise into 2015. Enjoy the 4 minute preview.

 Tchami - Promesses (Patrick Hagenaar Colour Code Remix)

This will instantly become everyone’s new jam especially if you need something to cure your Monday blues. His website, describes his music as “… inspired by a mix of the big room Dutch house sounds from his homeland, with a UK flavoured twist of hi-octane hooks and devastating melodies.” That sums this tune up perfectly don’t you think? The bass rumbles as a synthesizer melody grabs your soul and turns you into a ‘dancing queen’ with a bouncey house beat. I think I could listen to this song for a full hour and still not get tired of it. Every part of the song is blended together with excellent precision and includes everything electronic music does best. If you want something to dance to, take you away from the doldrums of life, get you ready for the nightlife, this tune fits all those times and more. Check out Patrick Hagenaar’s brain child, Colour Code, for an inside look at his twist on music, art and fashion. Enjoy the song and consider the Monday blues gone.