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FooFou's "Four-Alarm Fire" Flammable Set

Tuesday, January 20, 2015
Nolan Oribello


Take 'Em To Church

A local favorite and named among the “10 Best DJs in Seattle” by the Sun Times, expectations were high were for FooFou when he took to the decks at Re-bar. The 206 was buzzing with excitement for his highly anticipated headlining set at Flammable—the longest running House music weekly night on the West Coast. Fans, friends, and family (synonymous, at this point) gathered to show support and dance their asses off for what promised to be one of the sexiest, sweat-soaked Seattle nights in recent memory. Fouad Masoud did NOT disappoint. This set is Deep House, and I mean "deep" in the truly deeper sense of the the substantial depth of the track selection and in the personal passionate sense of purpose that comes from thoughtful introspection. It is a 2.5 hour journey that is every bit as emotional as it is musical and what some have remarked was "the best Flammable yet."

FooFou Live @ Flammable 1 - 11 - 15

For the unfortunate souls who couldn't make it to church that night, our prayers have been answered. The set has been faithfully recorded and is available for free download, complete with crowd reactions and audience participation. See Also: FooFou's Latest Foreplay Mix Touches All The Right Spots I invited FooFou to share with us how special that night was, and what this set means to him. What follows is his response, in his own words: "Playing Flammable at Re-bar has been a dream of mine for a while. There is no other place like it in Seattle for House Music lovers. It’s been happening for nearly 20 years on the same night at the same place and if you’re in this industry you know how amazing and rare that is. For me to be invited was a sort of recognition that the new kid in a long lineage of House Music DJs is doing alright." wesholmesfoofou720x404
"The Flammable crowd is very educated and they know what they like. This gave me as a DJ more breathing room than I’m typically used to because I don’t have to educate anyone, just play really good House Music."

"What’s unique about playing a Flammable set is having to really dig into your music library and 'show your breadth' as Wesley Holmes told me. It’s not all about playing the hottest new tracks, but finding those gems and classics that are quite easy to forget about when you download and listen to over 200 tracks a month." seanmajors_foofou720x404
"I would like to give a shout out to Brian Lyons and Wesley Holmes who have run Flammable since it’s conception and are two of the greatest House Music DJs in Seattle. I admire them very much and the younger generation owes them a lot. Sean Majors took me under his wing about 2 years ago because he saw something in me and introduced me to a family that has been throwing parties and making people dance for years and I’m very grateful for that."

"Thanks to Gene Lee (catch him opening for Mark Knight at Foundation!) for recording this set with the audience track, it made all the difference!"

Peace, Love & Sexy House Music - FooFou You can catch FooFou at Kremwerk on January 30 for PRIMARY, a new monthly Seattle party centered around great music! Don't forget to connect with him on Facebook and Soundcloud for more incredible tunes.