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Niklas Ibach - Lesson Of Harmony No.1

Wednesday, January 21, 2015
Chris Bergin

If you're a fan of deep folk (is that a genre?), or downtempo guitar-based tracks, you might already know Niklas Ibach. For those of you wandering through life unsure of what's missing, there's a chance Ibach's brand of laid-back dance could provide a reason to continue drifting through this futile existence. Or you could just add a few of his tracks to your iTunes and forget about him tomorrow (doubt it). Either way, the Stuttgart native is back with a gorgeous 45 minute mix brimming with talent. Throughout the mix you'll hear from Mr.Probz, Kungs, Lulleaux, and Addal, just to name a few. These gifted producers excel in the "feels" department. Annihilating crowds with hard-hitting 808's and massive synths can be impressive, however, triggering goosebumps with exquisitely simple melodies is equally, if not more remarkable. Check out Lesson Of Harmony No.1 below, and follow Niklas Ibach on Facebook, Soundcloud, and Twitter!