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Renato Ratier - Soul Machine remixes

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Not only is Renato Ratier content with being a club boss, resident and now restrainer, but he is also a fine producer. Here he enlists some friends to remix another selection of his fine disco house cuts and they include Andre Lodemann, Ney Faustini and Kyodai. Up first is the original, a louche, vibey party starter with great trumpets tooting and deep drums bouncing below. It’s colourful and reminds us that summer is just round the corner. The first remix is from deep house master Andre Lodemann who has released on labels like Freerange and always lays down epic tunes. This one is no different as he reimagines it as a slow burning but warm and enchanting bit of elastic house. Sao Paulo native Ney Faustini then keeps things deep and driven with his version of 'Old Factory'. Its a spiritual, soft edged and romantic cut that will really suck you in. Finally, a German duo in the form of Kyodai then remix Soul Machine into a dramatic bit of heavy house grooviness with lots of soft bright chords and pads, and plenty of energetic vocal coos. Once again then, D Edge have their finger right on the pulse.