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Thee Afterdark's "Thank You" Gets A Rework From majorpeoples

Thursday, March 12, 2015
Keith Ancker

Call me weird, but even with the sun out in Seattle, I’m still bangin’ a lot of darker, smokier, sublime stuff during the day. Which brings us to majorpeoples’ remix of Thee Afterdark’s “Thank You.” It’s deep, techy, hypnotic and the definition of beauty in simplicity. There isn’t much to say about either majorpeoples or Thee Afterdark, coz the interwebz has almost no information on either of them. Thee Afterdark seems to be a side project of LA techno DJ/producer Santiago Salazar, and majorpeoples seem to be a ghost. Which means you can be cooler than the cool kids you know by asking them why they aren’t bangin’ this dope underground house tune like “Oh my god, you haven’t heard of Santiago Salazar’s side project? You probably listen to Paris Hilton.” Just kidding. Love all, be nice to everyone, and dance.