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State Dependent Learning: Vol 3

Thursday, April 09, 2015

I'll be the first one to admit that I like tooting my own horn. I high-five myself, like my own facebook statuses, and jerk off in the mirror. Hell I even had my own name tattooed to myself "to avoid one half of an awkward conversation in the morning!" It should really come as no surprise that I'm also my own favorite DJ. So it is with great pleasure that I get to introduce my latest installment of my "State Dependent Learning" series of mixes; Vol 3. I've never explained what State Dependent Learning means on this site before, so indulge me for a minute. Way back when I first started playing records, I was always shitfaced. My apartment has always been the go-to afterparty house because I had (and still have) exactly zero qualms about paying noise complaint fees and fielding calls from angry landlords to… my voicemail. Whenever I’d come home from the bars, it was usually with the party crew. First order of business was always to get some music going. Back then, I wasn’t very concerned with mastering my craft or even practicing for that matter. If you've ever read articles on what not to do unless you want to be "That DJ," you'll probably have a mental image. On the few occasions that I did try playing sober, I sounded like shit. This confused me because I FUCKING ROCKED IT WHENEVER I WAS WASTED! No records of how well I actually played existed, however the obvious conclusion is that I was suffering from State Dependent Learning. Per Wikipedia, "State-dependent memory, or state-dependent learning is the phenomenon through which memory retrieval is most efficient when an individual is in the same state of consciousness as they were when the memory was formed." For more years than I care to admit, I would just simply refuse to play sober. I’d get a few cocktails in me and the jams would just flow. Years later, I thought it would be fun to do a series of mixes where all I do is get drunk and see what happens. This is the 3rd installment of this series. Like almost everything I play, it's deep house that doesn't really pick up until about 35 minutes in. If you want to hear any of my other sets, check out In any case, let's get fucked up... play some records...