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This “Falling” Remix is the "Embody-ment" of Deep House

Wednesday, April 15, 2015
Alex Zimmerman

While thousands of music lovers flock to Indio, California for the infamous Coachella festival, many of us are left sitting in our own houses glued to our many screens watching the livestream of the event, referred to by many including Kaskade as Couchella. In case your bum is hurting from sitting on the couch for too long, you might want to play this new remix from relative unknown Embody. A member of MrSuicideSheep, the London native took the ambient original “Falling” from Enkidu and adds the summer deep house vibe that will be loved by everyone as the weather warms up. Something about the haunting vocals with the strong piano chords give me the chills from the moment I press play. As the beat drops in, Embody transports you out of your own physical body into the night sky that is seen behind the artwork on SoundCloud. The vocals are on some other kind of level as they whisk you through the stars. If you weren’t sold on deep house yet (if you aren’t…. I just… don’t know) Embody will truly sell you on it.

Enkidu - Falling (Embody Remix)

Is This Truly Deep House? Or is it Deeper House?

So I usually don’t feed into the messiness that is Internet trolling… I mean… comments but I thought this one was relevant. When you classify something as a certain genre of music, there are bound to be plenty of people posting that it’s not this but that, or vice versa. Screenshot SoundCloud Deep House Screenshot SoundCloud Deep House 2 What we all have to realize is that everyone has a different opinion on what each genre sounds like/is. Personally to me, this is a deeper side of deep house as the original is from the Ambient genre. A deep house remix of an ambient tune is bound to be softer and quieter than a remix of a progressive house anthem. You could even argue that this is tropical house as it has the nice island drum beat and melody that is typically found in those songs. Personally tropical house seems to be a stepchild (or other personality) of deep house to me, but anyone can have their personal thoughts on it. Whatever genre you think this is, Embody shows us again that this style of music is a turning point for EDM, a perfect mesh between house music and what non-electronic music listeners refer to as “real music.” Let’s leave that to another article. Check out both of the burgeoning artists on their SoundCloud’s along with their social media sites. The Embody remix is available for instant download if you pre-order Enkidu’s upcoming Recreations EP, courtesty of MrSuicideSheep. Get those sunglasses and festival wear ready, it’s going to be a great summer.