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Francis Mercier X MLK - I Have A Dream

Friday, April 17, 2015
Chris Bergin

Every now and then, there comes a song that's important. Not necessarily because of it's production, genre, or features, but because of its potential impact. Specifically, timing plays a huge role in the release of significant tracks. We live in an era of media domination, making it very difficult to drift through modern existence without acknowledging the racially tense atmosphere currently gripping this nation and others around the world. In the words of Deep Root Records,

"We decided to release a track with words from MLK's ionic speech "I Have A Dream", because we thought people needed to be reminded of what really matters in life, especially with all the injustice and turmoil occurring both in the US, and abroad"

Daily updates from all corners of the globe not only cloud our conscience with steady streams of hate, but also make it nearly impossible to reflect on the inherent beauty on an innocent dream. Odds are, whether you're a high level executive, or a lowly paper pusher, at some point in your life you've dreamt of changing the world. This is a dream that will not die, and cannot die, if we are to march forward and progress as one unified planet.

"I have a dream ... that one day ... We will be able to transform the jangling discords of our nation into a beautiful symphony of brotherhood" - MLK

Have a listen to the prolific track below (it hit 45,000 plays in 10 days), and let us know what you think! Also, for more info on Deep Root Records, scroll down! The track above serves as Deep Root Records' second original release, the first being POSSE's huge record, "Players Anthem". I reached out to the co-founder of DR2, Ajamu Kambon, and asked about his reasoning for founding a record label, despite the vast number of similar competitors. He told me:

"So I started Deep Root Records, not because of the money, fame, and sake of starting a business. I did it because my love for good music, and my ability to see talent within musicians and artists, who I believe can use their music to become an integral part in transforming music culture"

As a whole, Deep Root Records is a music production company headquartered in NYC, featuring talent from all over the globe. At DR2, there is only one philosophy, “Music and Dance are languages understood by all, and aren't just listened to, but also experienced”. Ajamu continued to state,

"Our artists strive to create innovative house music and sounds that are new to the industry. We focus on being on the cutting edge of where music is going, and so we listen to all work sent from producers and musicians. The Dr2 team is constantly looking for new talent, so if you think your music is great please send to our A&R team at try to have artists who are very versatile and can change styles when needed, and/or be able to foresee a change within House Music.  Deep House and music that grooves will always be in style. It’s all about the groove, whether it’s Salsa, African House or Drums, Old School Soul or Disco/R&B, etc"

Check out a few other releases by DR2 signees below!

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