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Inpetto - Gravity (feat. Sean Declase)

Friday, June 05, 2015
Chris Bergin

Inpetto, the German deep house duo also known as Dirk and Marco Duderstadt, are back with a huge new tune "Gravity." The two are on somewhat of a hot streak, seeing as they released another beast of a track "The Orange Theme" under their second project, Duderstadt. For this effort, Inpetto enlisted the highly sought after vocalist, Sean Declase. "Gravity" highlights those moments in life you'd really like to forget (things that pull you down; HINT: Gravity), however, rather than dwelling on the bad, the vocals seem to suggest remembering the struggle and reflecting on one's perseverance. The instrumental is an interesting combination of Future / Deep House, and Melodic / Progressive House. Likewise, the "drop" features some surprising syncopation, but maintains the overall euphonious nature of the track. While "Gravity" strays a bit from Inpetto's tried and true Progressive / Trance sound, the track still showcases their knack for crafting gorgeous melodies. Look out for plenty of new tunes from Inpetto over the next few months!

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