“Catch & Release” Those Summer Feels

The 4th of July weekend just passed, and summer is kicked into high gear. Nothing feels more like summer than bringing out the cooler and your coolest friends for a relaxing day at the beach. Deepend’s Remix of Matt Simons Catch & Release is one of my favorite songs to chill to right now. No matter where I listen to it, I’m suddenly on a Caribbean island. This deep house track embodies summers feel good vibes, which will never get old. Plain and simple, this song will make you infinitely happy.

Matt Simons – Catch & Release (Deepend Remix)

Deepend is a DJ duo based in Amsterdam, made up of two lifelong friends Falco and Bob. In 2010 they emerged onto the scene determined to become the next big names in feel good house. Within each of their tracks you will find beautiful vocals and gentle yet seductive beats. With over 25,000 followers their sound is underrated and something to take note of, give them a listen on Soundcloud.


Dakota Orlando

Dakota Orlando

A tiny girl from Brooklyn with an insatiable craving for heavy bass and good vibes. Currently studies public relations at the University of Miami.
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