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The Best Move for NYE '16 in Chicago

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

If there's anyone in Chicago who knows how to throw an underground event, it's the fun loving, hard-partying, blow your eardrums out, guys at REVERSE Events. I've been covering their parties for over a year now and my how far they've come! By far my favorite party this year was Tech(no11). I had the opportunity to open for Sasha Carassi on a stage that was set up to resemble a spaceship! Getting the honor of being invited to play aside, I think that the thing that made that event was the venue. It features 3 levels with stages set up on each called Bassline. By day, the upper levels are actually a recording studio where a number of famous pop stars (including Mariah Carey) have recorded a number of hits. This is why I'm so excited for Zero Day, REVERSE Events' first annual New Years Eve party. It's going to be at the same venue!! Headlining the Main Room for this event are the COCODRILLS from Miami. They have been known to lay down the law on a regular basis at Space Miami till sunrise. If I had to describe their sound, I'd say that they're definitely the same brand of deep dark techno that you'd hear at any other REVERSE party, but with a funky Miami flair. Spybar Resident Dustin Sheridan will be providing support in the Mainroom. Upstairs in the Studio Room, you'll get to hear dirty deep and tech house music, with a closeout set played by one of my favorite Chicago mainstays, Inphinity. The Dragon Room, located in the basement, will breathe dark Techno by Twitchin Skratch. As always, be safe and bring your earplugs. These guys spare no expense on sound. I don't think there's a single event I've gone to where I haven't stumbled out into the sunrise with ringing ears asking myself, "did that really just happen?" Given the post-apocalyptic sci-fi theme of the evening, I somehow imagine that this event will be no exception. I'm told that they've planned a number of special surprises. The organizers are personal friends of mine, so I can usually get them to cough up all of the details for you, my loyal readers, but they're being uncharacteristically tight-lipped about what those surprises might be. I for one can't think of a better way to ring in the new year.