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SubHuman Beatdown Tour

Friday, May 25, 2012

[youtube id="XZgtG1PtyWo" width="620" height="360"] Let me start out by saying I still don’t know if my hearing is back from this show. The sound guy was telling me they brought in some low end system that they used at Ultra for this show. Ear bleeding, chest punching bass. Made me want to puke, in a good way. If I remember correctly the sound system was brought in by BassMaxx. With that out of the way, lets get into it. The 2012 SubHuman Beatdown Tour has been going around the country now for a while and features artists like Dieselboy, Bare, Smash Gordon, Mark Instinct, Messinian, Sluggo, Mayhem, Nightwalker, Numbernin6, and more. It brings filthy, nasty awesome bass to the masses in various forms. Dupstep as well as Drum and Bass take center stage in this audio onslaught, and these guys absolutely kill it. The Austin stop on their tour was held at Republic Live downtown, and it was sick. An intimate venue by EDM standards, this place was LOUD. I was able to get stage close for every set (for as long as my body could handle those subs). Our boys Beatslacker , Chance, Primal Filth and Bring the Noise hooked OnlyTheBeat up with VIP passes. Big shout out to those guys. They helped put on an amazing show. I was lucky enough to catch Messinian, Nuernin6, Bare, and Dieselboy’s sets. Everyone was throwing down Dub / DnB mixes that kept the crowd on their feat. Never a dull moment. Now I have been listening to Dieselboy since way back when he was strictly DnB with albums like ProjectHuman, and I can truly say he has evolved as an artist. Heavier, but in a good way. Bare dropped his latest remix of King Kong, and the crowd went nuts. Overall if you get the chance to see these guys on tour, do it. You will not regret it.

Here are some songs relevant to the show:

Dieselboy's Wake The Dead Mix (over an hour long)

Datsik & Bare King Kong (Mark Instinct Remix)