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Pretty Lights - So Bright

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Colorado musical mastermind that is Pretty Lights released this official version of his newest track, So Bright, and it comes in as one of his more soulful tracks. It has the classic distortion sound that his bass lines are known for and coupling that with a blend of soul and hip-hop vocals it combines for a very pleasant track.  This is not a song to rage to, it is something that I would play driving home after a long day.  You have to give it a listen all the way until the end, the second drop is what got my attention and really gave me a good vibe on the track . In case you didn't know, PL gives away all of his music for FREE, click  here to find all of his downloads.  He is working on his newest album which is sure to knock your socks off. Rumors have that he is also releasing a documentary about how he makes his music, I am very excited to see his creative process. Pretty Lights truly is one of the most unique artists around in any genre.