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Dose of Dub

Friday, November 30, 2012

Welcome to the first session of the newest weekly segment; Dose of Dub.  Every Thursday, I will be posting some of the biggest tracks in dubstep and mix it in with some trap and drum & bass as well.  This week I'll be covering songs over the last two weeks that might have gone unnoticed as well as some recently released free downloads.  To start things off, we have an electrifying remix from Pegboard Nerds of 'Alive' by Krewella, and it offers an almost electro-type build up then drops into a hard hitting, high-pitched wobble that reminded me of 'Make It A Bun Dem'. Kill The Noise released this not too long ago and has been playing it in his sets recently with great reactions from the crowd, which I got to witness first hand when he played at Foundation night club a couple weeks ago in Seattle. Just over a week ago, Figure put out his remix of Citizen Cope's 'Lifeline' and almost immediately it began to gain likes and rise to the top in the Hypem charts.  This one is a little bit more mellow and less aggressive than what he normally does, but you will get to experience that side of figure soon, as he just released another remix today. Here is the newest Figure track that he has teamed up with Skullcandy and Deltron 3030 to produce this remix of 'Upgrade'.  This one starts out with a basic beat and some rap lyrics courtesy of Deltron 3030, then Figure hits you with the bass and goes pretty hard in the paint for this one. Finally to end it, we have an original track called 'Come & Get It' from the trio of dub, known as Krewella.  This has more of a drum and bass feel to it, but they also slow it down a little bit in the middle.  Hope you guys enjoyed the first week of this segment!