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Dose Of Dub

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Dose Of Dub This week on Dose Of Dub, we have three very big EP releases from 3 very big artists in the dubstep and trap game  right now.  To start it off, we see a darker side to Datsik with his release of the first edition of the two-part Cold Blooded EP.  The second part of his Cold Blooded EP will be released sometime in the spring of 2013, but until then, you can catch him at one of his stops along his new North American tour, 'Firepower Reloaded'.  You can buy his 7-track EP on Beatport or iTunes. Next is another 7-track EP from the co-ed duo that is Candyland, where they show us a harder electro side rather than their usual dubstep and trap.  Don't get me wrong, they still pack a punch by mixing in some nice dub in there.  However, to my surprise they finish off their EP with a couple of softer songs, Castle of Affair and Bring The Rain (Acoustic Mix)...which are both amazing.  You can buy this EP on Beatport by clicking here. Finally to close it out, we have an artist who came into the spotlight in May of 2011 and has only been gaining notoriety since then, and with good reason.  Rednek released his EP '50 Shades Of Red' for purchase on Beatport finally and has been gaining more and more attention from it.  In this we see a somewhat darker dubstep sound as well as some pretty dirty trap, which you can buy on Beatport. 1.  Freak Out 2.  Sticky Lips 3.  Nek Breaker ft. Son of Selah 4.  Avengence ft. Terry Coldwell and Zuz Rock 5.  Bag Of Ganja ft. Stormin and Ratpack 6.  Poolside ft. Stormin