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Dose Of Dub

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Untitled Welcome to yet another segment of Dose Of Dub, filled with all sorts of monster tracks in dubstep and trap.  To start it off we have a new album from a new member of the Firepower records team, DJ Getter.  His album 'I Want More' has eight tracks that vary between hard-hitting dubstep that is reminiscent of Datsik himself, as well as some drum & bass.  You can buy the album in Beatport, here.  The next couple songs are pretty from artists like Flexprod, Rogue and one from  Tom Budin that has a sound similar to the remix the Pegboard Nerds did of 'Alive' .  The last two songs are both remixes of popular songs in their own respective genres, but these remixes from Flaxo (Flaxo Stadium Trap Bootleg) and Brillz have been getting a lot of attention in the EDM world, including Zedd saying, "One of my favorite remixes anyone has EVER done for me!!!!", referring to Brillz's remix.