Eternal Frequencies | Minnesota


If you’re looking for a taste of the cosmos, you’ll find yourself catapulted there through two brand spankin’ new ambient releases by Santa Cruz based producer Minnesota.  ‘Bloom’ and ‘Stardust Redux’ are just the beginning of a four part album installation, with new tracks being released on their own EP in accordance with each season.  Drum and bass meets ambient for a hypnotic and refreshing twist that perfectly complements the beauty of spring in bloom.

Download both tracks for free on Minnesota’s Soundcloud here:



Otherwise known as Benny Benassi's very own #electroGIRL, Boisen prefers to spend her time dancing on things while covered in glitter.A sassy, Sagittarius lassie through and through, she is in love with the world and can often be found frolicking across it to lands unknown.
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