ShockOne – Home (ft. Reija Lee)

ShockOne - Home - Only The Beat

Home by ShockOne ft. Reija Lee is an beautiful uplifting drum and bass banger that instantly changes my mood every time I hear it. There is something about the high BPM of the track and the airy yet powerful vocals of Reija Lee that just make me feel good. Like get up and dance around my room good. Anyone who is a fan of Drum & Bass can attest that this track is a quality banger. This is one of 14 tracks (yes 14 tracks) off of ShockOne‘s album, Universus, which you can pick up on iTunes for only $8.99. Are you kidding me? So if you are now feeling annoyed after reading all of my fanatic praise for this track then go buy it… it will make you feel better.

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