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Calvin Harris - Flashback (Goldie Remix)

Tuesday, October 15, 2013
Daniel Taibleson

Calvin Harris flashback goldie remix

In my ever-enduring quest to provide you with more Drum & Bass, I am pleased to present you with this completely un-new but still uh-mazing remix of Calvin Harris' - Flashback by Goldie. I think you'll agree that the picture above does just perfectly as a complete music video for this track. See for yourself. Not to mention that this remix is by GOLDIE...You don't remember Goldie? Ok shoot, well here is the link to his Wikipedia page. Short story you ask?
  • Dated Bjork
  • Was in the James Bond Movie "The World is Not Enough"
  • Has mother fu*king gold teeth.

Calvin Harris - Flashback (Goldie Remix)

On that note, I feel like DnB is a genre that you almost have to listen to by yourself. Have you ever tried enjoying it with a room full of people? Everyone just trances out and goes into their own world. You can't have a conversation while listening to DnB you just stare super intensely back at whoever is talking, and if your sitting in a seat, tapping your feet uncontrollably. Does anyone really know how to dance to DnB?...hmmm, I imagine it would be a little something like this:

party hard

  Shout out to the dude that hosts this song on SoundCloud but hasn't been active for over a year, and still pays for his premium subscription.