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Bryzone completes his Trial Run

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Trial Run/Stargaze

I've recently discovered a new outlet to keep an eye on for soulful pieces of drum and bass, and by the looks of things, Soulvent Records will continue to flourish as a label over the next year. Having introduced us to BMotion with their debut release, Bryzone displays his incredibly mature level of production with his new single 'Trial Run/Stargaze'. [Tweet "The world needs more Drum n Bass"] Two sunshine-soaked liquid tracks, they both contain wonderful use of piano riffs and chords and 'Trial Run' features the stunning vocals of Jenny Mayhem that complement the track perfectly. 'Stargaze' has slightly darker undertones, with evocative use of strings and retaining a velvety melodic gloss.  The gentle summery sounds of 'Trial Run' are presented impeccably, and I'm sure Bryzone's considered production style will continue to attract attention as he progresses his career. I highly recommend you purchase this single, and you can do so here.