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Posij - Lasercat

Wednesday, June 25, 2014
Colin Rinehart

First things first: if you came here looking for these lasercats you have come to the wrong place. This is a post for the track "Lasercat," by Posij. "Oh, those lasercats!" Yes. Those lasercats. One listen to Posij’s tracks will tell you that he is a producer that gravitates towards exploration, challenge and even obsession. Here you will find sounds that you've never heard before, put together in ways you will never expect.

Posij - Lasercat 

Born and raised in Groningen, Netherlands, Posij is a self-confessed studio addict, and began to find musical inspiration in his early teens from the likes of Mr Oizo, Fatboy Slim, The Beatles, and The Kinks. His music would eventually draw comparisons to Posij’s once heroes,  and now label heads and mentors, Noisia. "Martijn from Noisia was at one of my first live performances in our hometown of Groningen and he watched me play. When I finished he asked if I had a CD for him to take away. I was so psyched about that! Then one sleepy, hungover October morning I received a call from Martijn..." Posij is also a goth kid. He may not wear black all over, or hate the world, but he does everything else he can not to fit in to the norms and stereotypes he's seen. Posij’s outlook is to move away from clichés, casting aside the drum loops and bass noises so often overused by the bandwagon-hoppers-de-jour. Instead, he concentrates on writing original and different music, retaining enough groove to console those of you who fear today’s epileptic generation, but adding just the right amount of chaos to inspire you to pay attention. Posij is currently writing an album to be released on Noisia's DIVISION label. Fortunately for y'all, his "Lasercat EP" is currently out to keep you happy until his album drops!

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