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Noisia's New EP Will Make You "Oh Oh" Face

Wednesday, July 02, 2014
Colin Rinehart

Noisia's "Purpose EP," released June 30th on Vision Recordings, is a jumpy compilation of drum and bass goodness. Consisting of 8 tracks, the EP is hardly small enough to imagine fitting on an Extended Play. We can see how they manage to do it when the vinyl is released on July 23rd. With each hype head-bobber, the "Purpose EP" swallows you more and more, until you only hear drum breaks and nod your head in strange patterns in the dark while you lay in bed counting bouncy Bass-sheep hopping fences made of drum sticks. This EP has a purpose! With talk of UFO's and asteroids, and collaborations with Phace, Prolix and Evol Intent, this album is guaranteed to be more interesting than Steve McQueen in The Blob. Noisia's sound is always recognizable. They consistently have some of the highest quality sound production audible to the human ear. Make sure you pay this EP its due and listen to it on a decent system when you get the chance. Noisia consists of Nik Roos, Martijn van Sonderen and Thijs de Vlieger from Groningen, Netherlands. Over the past decade, the trio has been churning out the tunes quicker than Belgium can score goals against the U.S. in the first 15 minutes of overtime. Although they only have one full length album, you only need to take a look at their discography and try and count the number of features, remixes, singles they've been credited with and released over the years. I'll bet you stop counting before you stop counting those bass-sheep in your head at night. Noisia has three (you can count those) record labels: Vision, Division and Invisible Recordings. The trio also has releases on OWSLA, mau5trap, and even Jay Z's Roc Nation. Recently, they've teamed up with Foreign Beggars to form the I Am Legion supergroup. Pick up your copy of the "Purpose EP" on Beatport now!

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