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Andy C on RAM Records, Drum & Bass USA Volume 2

Wednesday, July 09, 2014
Travis Quick

Recently at Paradiso Festival 2014, one of our writers ran into DnB legend Andy C and chatted with him about his label, RAM Records as well as his upcoming releases! While his set coincided with big name artists on other stages like Will Sparks and Zedd, Andy C drew a huge crowd who had the most energy we've seen in a while. We were treated to a number of new tracks, as well some DnB classics that kept us shuffling our feet until the early hours of the morning. Not only are we bringing you an interview with this record mogul and DnB pioneer, we are also bringing you Volume 2 of RAM Records' three part US summer compilation series!  Now how about that for all the Drum & Bass fans out there?! RAM Records OTB: How would you describe a RAM night at London's Fabric Superclub? Andy C: First of all, you’ve got all the family together, just Drum & Bass...packed house. It’s intense and it’s a good party from start to finish you know, we roll it deep from 10 PM to 6 AM and sometimes we go longer than that; it’s all about getting the RAM family together and expressing themselves. OTB: Being a Pioneer of D&B or any subgenre for that matter, how do you stay ahead of the game? Andy C: For me it’s about enjoying myself and about loving the music.  I love the music that I do, I believe in D&B to the core and fortunately at RAM I get to sign fantastic new artists and they provide me with the future in regards to production you know?  I hear all their tunes, then I get to play them and spread the word.  We’re always looking to the future and have been around for a long time, but we don’t dread on the past...always looking to the future. OTB: That leads me to one of my other questions - who have you recently signed that we should be looking out for? Andy C: This year we just signed Audio as well as Bensley from Canada who is absolutely amazing musically.  We have held back the tunes on purpose, because what we want to do is unleash them all at the same time so people get the musicality of it.  When people hear it, it is going to blow their minds. OTB: What is the hardest part about running your own stage at a festival, like the one you had at WE R FSTVL? Andy C: There’s nothing hard about running a stage at a festival.  Fortunately I’ve got great people behind the scenes that take care of it you know. It’s not me that is standing there running the stage; I’m normally running around the stage, but I’m not running the stage.  There are other people making sure it all runs smoothly curating it, setting the times out, and taking care of the artists.  Perhaps it’s a great platform to spread the word and the sound of the label; nowhere better than a festival to do that. OTB: What is the difference in playing a club set at RAM nights and a festival set for you? Andy C: To be fair it’s not really like that… Everyone is like, “how do your festival sets differ from your club sets,” I don’t go into a set saying I am going to play a certain way. You’ve got to read the crowd in front of you and you’ve got to enjoy yourself.  Obviously there are certain tunes that I play and certain sections that I like to go on and like to get the music across, and I am aware that there are certain tunes that people like to hear.  As far as each set goes, I sort of take it as it comes and I read the crowd and try to connect with them and get a relationship going and bond with them, and hopefully we can go on a journey together. OTB: Do you have any upcoming collaborations we should be excited about? Andy C: I’ve got a few tunes, collaborations, and remixes I am working on and will be playing them all tonight but they are all untitled so I can’t give you any names tonight.  If you come up there and have a little boogie while I am playing, I will point them out to you. OTB: That is all we’ve got for you for now, thanks for your time and I look forward to your set later this evening! Andy C: Of course! (Credit to Wesley McLaughlin for adding his interview to this awesome release!)RAM Records In celebration of RAM Records' 20+ years as a label, they are releasing a three piece compilation over the summer. Volume 2 has just about everything a Drum & Bass lover wants to hear. All the way from mind blowing tunes, to laid back vocals, and even hit-'em-in-the-gut bass. Some of the tracks are well known, while others have been hiding in the interwebs waiting until someone is bold enough to hit play. If you are unfamiliar with RAM Records, it is an independent record label started in 1992 by Andy C and Ant Miles in the United Kingdom. RAM Records has grown immensely over the years, and this compilation is a testament to that growth. If you like what you hear then make sure to check out RAM New York on July 18th. You are not going to want to miss an event showcasing some of the top Drum & Bass artists across the world. Make sure to check out each track below for the full listing of RAM Records Drum & Bass USA Volume 2:

1. Hamilton - Deep In My Heart

The vocals quickly pull you into this song as it releases a sense of urgency right as the kick begins to move your feet.  

2. Ram Trilogy – Screamer

While a little on the darker side, 'Screamer' gives the vibe of being in outer space. It truly does sound like someone is screaming. For what? That, I am not sure. Give it a listen and get ready for your head to bob all over the place.

3. Wilkinson – Moonwalker

This track takes it back to some old school Wilkinson. 'Moonwalker' really allows the hardcore Drum & Bass fan to get their shuffling on while rocking out to an out of this world tune.

4. Fresh – Signal

Fresh takes it down and dirty with 'Signal' leaving no time for rest. Be careful clicking play as you might just find yourself lost in the glory.

5. Rene LaVice – Headlock

This track gives off more of a chill vibe, making it a great song to just lay outside and enjoy the sun to.  

6. Nightbreed - Pack Of Wolves

What does Rock and Drum & Bass sound like? Listen to 'Pack of Wolves' and you are sure to find out.

7. Delta Heavy - Hold Me

Already a Delta Heavy fan? Listen to one of the original songs that started it all. I am not sure if I am being shot by laser beams or if the sound isn't loud enough. I guess only time will tell.

8. Xample - Heaven & Hell

The dirty and grimy feel from 'Heaven & Hell' leaves you questioning whether your in heaven (because you love griminess) or in Hell (because this is one bass in your face tune.)

9. Hamilton – Echoes

If you are looking for a Drum & Bass song with all the feels, this is it. The beauty that 'Echoes' releases when played will put a smile on your face and keep it there for a long time.

10. Noisia - Facade

RAM Records saved the best for last, hoping to leave the listener blown away with Noisia's "explosive track."  

Let us know what your thoughts are on Volume 2 and what Andy C had to say by commenting below!

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