No place like home, No place like home…

Click your heels and go, there ain’t no place like home.

A feeling I hope most of us can identify with. There really isn’t any place like your home. The home you grew up in. The home you continue to you back to.

Eventually you figure it out, but it’s the people that make a place special.

And this new Drum and Bass track…goes out to all of the people who are currently in the process of creating a new home.

jakwob – No Place Like Home (ft. Rationale) (Digital Soundboy)

jakwob- no place like home

You probably haven’t had time to listen to jakwob’s BBC radio 1 essential mix either, so here it is:

jakwob – BBC Radio 1 – Essential Mix


Jakwob and Annie Mac from BBC Radio 1

I’d also recommend checking out jakwob’s playlist on soundcloud that contains all of his remixes, which you can listen to hereĀ 

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Daniel Taibleson

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