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Knife Party Capsizes The Competition With Abandon Ship

Tuesday, November 11, 2014
Matthew Jager

tumblr_nb03w9o8YA1tgeyrro1_1280 Time to grab your life jacket and hop into the life boat. Knife Party’s first full album Abandon Ship has been released and is making huge waves in the music scene already. Fans of Knife Party were given a little treat when iTunes accidentally released the album a few weeks early on November 7th instead of the intended, and pushed back, release date of November 24th. So while the executives at Apple walk the plank, the rest of the world can sit back and enjoy some brand new Knife Party. Prior to the release, Knife Party had given us a few tracks to tide us over and to hint at the feel of the album. It appeared as though the album would stray away from the classic Knife Party sound in favor of a more diverse, multi-genre approach, but no one could have guessed exactly how far the duo strayed away from their original sound. tumblr_nczqktbR0O1rf8ekxo1_500 Instead of a grimy, bass laden album, Abandon Ship features everything from Pendulum style drum and bass, to deep house, and even Nu-disco infused groove music. Fans of old Knife Party don’t fret; with tracks like "Resistance," "Boss Mode," "Give It Up" and "Micropenis" you are still in good hands. My thoughts on the album are that Knife Party took a very bold risk by changing up their sound from traditional dubstep and I feel it has paid off for them. The musical talent of Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen has never been in question with roots deep in Pendulum and music production, but it is very nice to see the duo breaking out of the sole dubstep side of electronic music. Each track still feels like a Knife Party song while at the same time it feels like Knife Party has really progressed their sound and tried to make something new rather than cashing in on their established success with more of the same. "Boss Mode" is easily my favorite track on the album and I feel as though it may steal the top spot on my personal favorites from Knife Party. (So long "Bonfire," you had a nice run). Their new explorations into Nu-disco and deep house were a nice surprise on the album and although it seems as if every artist now days is going deeper and deeper, the track is still quite good and isn't a sell out. Fans of "Internet Friends" will be happy as well as the duo has not stopped on using samples, and a lot of computer ones at that. The album feels like a beautiful mix of everything and will really add to Knife Party's live performances allowing the duo to extend their set past traditional dubstep and grime bass music. With so much new music, one can only hope we will see a full Abandon Ship tour, but with both Rob and Gareth also working on the long awaited new Pendulum album, the duo may have their hands full for a little while. Check out the full album on Soundcloud (links below) and pick up Abandon Ship on iTunes and other music purchasing sites.

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