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DJ Rap is Back With a Wicked Vibe on "Slam"

Saturday, February 07, 2015
Keith Ancker

Sometimes a track lives up to its name. The Sex Pistols did it with “Anarchy In The UK.” It was brutal and noisy, filthy and raucous. On the other side you’ve got…well, I’ll refrain from throwing shade, coz the world is mean enough without me opening my mouth. Point being, it’s a beautiful thing when a track’s groove measures up to its title. Drum & Bass icon (and let’s not throw that word around lightly) DJ Rap has cooked up a beautifully harsh piece of DnB thuggery for us in “Slam,” which manages to do just that. It’s a frenetic, dark, pulsating slab of synths and bass and drums, punctuated by other synths that kind of remind me of guitars but aren’t. And it reminds me of the kind of music that made me fall in love with DnB in the first place. You can get to all of Miz Rap's social media from her Soundcloud page. Dig in. Enjoy. Dance a little.