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Laszlo’s EP is the Closest Thing to Perfection

This EP is a perfect example of what I love about electronic music. Laszlo, the 16 year old behind “Closer,” finally released the Closer EP through Monstercat and it is a definite must-listen. 5 tracks spanning the entire spectrum of electronic music weave together to form a cohesive EP easily able to replay over and over again. Purchase the EP now and thank me later, it’s totally worth $6.

Laszlo – Closer EP

1. Closer

LASZLO CLOSER Artwork I featured the title track from the EP in its own post here, but I have to talk about it again… it’s that good. A lot of people are speculating that Porter and Madeon were his inspiration and after listening to “Closer,” the answer will seem near. An uplifting melody and a driving beat set the tone and the bar for this EP. With over 220,000 plays in 20 days, it certainly is the frontrunner on this EP.

2. Our Arrival

LASZLO OUR ARRIVAL Artwork While “Closer” may be the frontrunner, “Our Arrival” will probably be the second favorite of the 5 as Laszlo brings a Liquid DnB beat to our ears that fits perfectly with the driving synths from “Closer” while dropping two huge drops in the tune that makes me smile and my headbob. The bridge builds the song with an out of the ordinary breakbeat, only to shatter our ears with an emotion filled second drop. This one gets better every time you replay it.

3. A King’s Life


Laszlo takes a step back in the opening and adds an extra punch of emotion in “A King’s Life.” If I had to guess, he’s been listening to a bunch of Puppet and EDEN when he wrote this as it sounds exactly like a collaboration between the two. The drop here is infectious as he continues to instill memories of Porter’s “Worlds” in our heads setting himself apart by adding in his own vocals to the mix. I know I said that the first two were the best but dam this song is simply amazing.

4. Destination LASZLO DESTINATION Artwork

Transforming his sound from the perfect sunset music, Laszlo sets his “Destination” to our hearts as he incorporates his own vocals into a brilliant track that makes you close your eyes and leave your body behind. A slower beat is welcomed after the last two tracks made your heart race, changing the sound ever so slightly with a slightly heavier melody. The emotions in this track are off the charts culminating in a fantastic finish that will leave tears streaming down your face and your mind blown. Don’t press stop yet though, there’s still one more track.

5. Law of the Jungle LASZLO LAW OF THE JUNGLE Artwork

After “Destination” breaks you into pieces, Laszlo picks you up with the last track “Law of the Jungle.” This has a bit of a San Holo sound to it with a future trap beat, but don’t let the genre fool you, this track is magical, approximately 5:44 of it. From the very first second, I knew this track was going to be good. Did I think it was going to be this good? No. I wish I could formulate words to describe this track. All I can think of are these. Magnificent. Breath-taking. Amazing. Perfect. Please just press play and in the words of Porter Robinson, “Hear what I hear.”


People always want to know what everyone’s favorite tracks were from the release. Am I allowed to say all of them? Each song blends perfectly together and yet are amazing alone. I can’t get enough of every single track and I know that I will be listening to them for a long time. This music fits in almost every situation from the morning pick-me-up, the mid-morning mind wander, the mid-afternoon chillout, the sunset deep thought and the pitch-black star gaze. Not to mention the replayability of this EP… I might never listen to anything else. Purchase the entire EP now from iTunes, Beatport and Bandcamp or stream it from SoundCloud and Spotify. Give Laszlo a follow on SoundCloud, Facebook and Twitter and leave a comment below on what your favorite track is from the EP. In case you forgot, this guy is only 16 and I see a big future for him. Now excuse me while I replay this entire EP for the 6th time today.