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Get Crazy with Muzzy and Co. Remix EP

Where are all the DnB lovers out there? From across the pond, Muzzy powered his way over the ocean with his recent two track EP, Get Crazy/ Feeling Stronger (The Remixes) that brings quick beats and even faster bass. To feed the fire of the tracks, he enlisted the help of fellow Europeans High Maintenance and Priority One along with Canadian AGNO3 to remix the two tracks and boy do I love these tracks. From the fierceness of "Get Crazy" to the chilled out remixes of "Feeling Stronger", this remix pack is perfect for all drum and bass fans out there.

Muzzy – Get Crazy/ Feeling Stronger (The Remixes)

Muzzy decided to start things off by giving “Get Crazy” a VIP mix called “Get Crazier.” The song is exactly how it sounds… craz-ier. A monster bass line with a great drum kick makes this a great tune for a runner looking to power through the hill they’re climbing. Muzzy adds some dirty mechanical sounds into the mix that has an Excision-esque sound. This tune prepares your ears for the massiveness of the next remix. Canadian resident AGNO3 decided to turn the DnB original into a glitch-hop beast that sports some of the best technical work I’ve heard recently. He slows the pace from the breakneck speed of drum & bass to a feasible head-bobbing pace that will have all the bass lovers out there going wild. There’s something about this style of music that makes me smile and pressing play over and over. Switching to the “B-side” track “Feeling Stronger” we are greeted by a powerful remix provided by High Maintenance. The buildup of this track is brilliant as beautiful vocals grab your emotions and prepare you for what you think may be a progressive house banger but instead is a perfect progressive drum & bass track to dance to. I’m not always in the mood for DnB but I will always be in the mood for this tune. It has a Netsky-esque sound with driving synths and a ton of mids and bass that will make your car buzz the entire song. To finish off the remix EP Muzzy nabbed Priority One & NCT to remix “Feeling Stronger” and my lord what emotion this song creates. They give the track a Liquid DnB mix combining quick paced drums with smooth bass adding infectious vocals to make something that can be listened to at any time. This track is perfect for the summer nights when you’re looking for something a bit softer yet has enough energy to keep your mind moving. Sometimes I like to close my eyes and let the music swirl around in my head, and this is a perfect track to do that with. Drum & bass seems to never get enough love in the electronic genre, so it’s always awesome when I finally hear some good tracks and Muzzy definitely delivered. Keep track of Muzzy and all the other artists on the remix EP on their SoundClouds and other social media sites. If you’re digging the music leave a comment below and purchase the EP from Beatport or Bandcamp. Don’t worry iTunes fans, support is coming soon.