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The Girl Receives 5 Remixes Fit For The Live Stage… And Your iPod

On Monstercat’s compilation album 021 – Perspective, Hellberg released a little track called “The Girl.” The Progressive House original has beautiful vocals from Cozi Zuehlsdorff and a piano melody built for the mainstage. Clearly we weren’t the only ones enjoying the song as the label released a 5-pack of remixes including three Trap remixes, a Drum & Bass track and a track I can only describe as REDUX. It’s not a Kaskade remix but it could have fooled me. Take a listen below to all 5 tracks and comment below with your favorite one.

Hellberg – The Girl (feat. Cozi Zuehlsdorff) (The Remixes)

Hellberg – The Girl (Color Source Remix) – The first remix produced by Color Source is a future bass spin on the original with heavy synths, plenty of bass and a beat full of emotion. This will make all the bassheads smile as Color Source injects the original with the feels and enough bass for everyone. It’s perfect for hanging out with friends or enjoying a night alone on your computer typing away. I thought this would be one of the best remixes, but then I continued on through the pack. Mr FijiWiji Remix – Mr FijiWiji has been on a slow groove kick recently and this remix is no different. Giving the original a slow flip and a complete 180 in style, Mr FijiWiji tugs at the heartstrings of the listeners with a minimal Trap beat emphasizing the 808 bass, chopping Cozi’s vocals and altering the original’s power synths with a more emotional slow paced melody. Is deep trap a genre yet? Because that is how I would describe this track. This is a perfect track for your late night jam sesh or if you’re trying to nod off to sleep after a long day. Anevo Remix – In the first ten seconds one word came to mind… REDUX. Anevo takes a page out of Kaskade’s production book altering this track into a perfect dark-room House beat. Cozi’s vocals are at the forefront as Anevo takes the piano melody to another level adding some guitar riffs on top of the House drum beat that will make the entire world smile. My question is, how long until Kaskade plays this at one of his REDUX shows? If I had to guess, I wouldn’t say very long. Stonebank remix – Turning the corner on styles, Stonebank quickens things up turning “The Girl” into an emotion filled DnB track for all you DnB heads out there. The piano continues to be the frontpiece as Stonebank speeds the vocals up incorporating a solid drum kick perfect for that evening run. Altering the piano melody after the initial drop gives it a proper change from the original and shows off the production value that Stonebank has for this genre. What always shocks me about DnB is the amount of emotion producers can still put into these tracks as they speed through it. I’ve always felt DnB is the hardest genre to produce well and Stonebank does exactly that, producing DnB at the highest level. Capital A Remix – Rounding out the bunch is an emotional trap remix by Capital A. This hits all the feels with rumbling bass and beautiful vocals. Capital A adds in some male vocals (possibly his) alongside the female lead to create even more emotion, which I didn’t think possible. Capital A takes the track to another level with the style and precise bass additions that he incorporates. The bridge at minute 3 is probably the most earth shattering, body chilling minute in all of music. Seriously, I could listen to that minute forever.

So Which is Your Favorite?

The dreaded question remains, which is the favorite/best? Honestly I can’t answer that as I will be listening to every single one of them. Each has their own place wherever you need it but I do have a slight partial to Anevo’s remix. Let us know in the comments below which was your favorite and why. We always love hearing feedback from our readers. Monstercat continues to prove with every release why they are one of the top labels in the electronic music scene and this Remix EP is a perfect reason why. The original is perfect for the mainstage and each of these remixes could be heard on multiple stages and livesets depending on the artist. Purchase the Remix EP now from Beatport or Bandcamp with support from iTunes coming shortly. Give all these artists a follow on SoundCloud and keep track of them on their socials to find even more new music from them.