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We Run The Night (Proper Villains Remix) FREE DOWNLOAD

Thursday, September 13, 2012

When I first heard the title of this track, I figured it would be more of banger than the disappointing generic radio dance track that it ended up being. Then Proper Villains (make sure to "Like" their page for the free download) deliver the goods for this redonkulous remix.  It destroys the pre-packaged radio trash that the original track was served up to be. It sucks you in with the mysterious womp-wompiness that you know is the pre-text to a crunchy, aggressive dubstep drop.  Combining that with the eloquent and catchy hook, it abruptly takes you to a pulse-quickening drop that fades into lyrics that prove that EDM is a word-wide addiction (even if it is Pitbull...)  The second drop is almost more exciting because you know what is about to happen and you are ready for the bass this time. PARTY PARTY ALL NIGHT NIGHT, SLEEP ALL DAY THEN, DO IT AGAIN. ONLYTHEBEATDOTCOM