Nero – Won’t You (Be There) FREE DOWNLOAD


The UK duo Nero realeased this free track for all to enjoy, here is the quote from them on the release:

 “Hi everyone.. this Monday we’ll be giving away a new track called ‘Won’t You (Be There)’. It’s a dancefloor tune we initially wrote to play out in our DJ sets, but we thought that while we work on our 2nd album we’d give it to you guys..”

It is a pretty dope song that has the typical heavy bass lines you come to expect from Nero but they add some cool zips and woo’s to keep the song pretty up beat. Make sure your sub is on and the volume is turnt up.



Another Seattleite, Will currently resides in Seattle, WA and brings a ton of electro, dub, and house to OTB. R.I.P. Sonics. Go Cougs.
- 8 months ago
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