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Gramatik 2012 Fall Tour & Free Download of Entire #digitalfreedom EP!!

Thursday, October 04, 2012

Gramatik Kicks Off Fall Tour 2012

Fresh off a successful festival season, Gramatik closed out the summer with a headlining set at New York City's Webster Hall and has embarked on a fall tour with Bassnectar. Be sure to catch this innovative bass artist as he brings his unique take on electronic music to a city near you.

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Gramatik, part of the Pretty Lights Music crew, is hitting the road again, just a short couple of weeks after his summer tour ended. He is embarking across the US in support of Bassnectar, hitting major cities including Los Angeles, San Francisco, Portland, Detroit, New York, and many more.   "[Gramatik] also retained a nonchalance in his music – call it a laid back, down to earth spirit that creates a mellow atmosphere for the beats to orbit around. Chilled out trip-hop that flirts with all elements of music, from rhythm and blues to jazz, Gramatik stays true to a soulful hip-hop teasing you with playful guitar work and good-time instrumental loops."

- Performer Magazine

  "Gramatik is known for lush, big beats that don't come near the pop-house or "dubstep" tunes dominating today's dance music community. Instead, the Slovenian-born producer focuses on rhythms and arrangements that incorporate the best parts of countless genres -- house, breakbeat, techno, electro, blues, jazz, soul, funk, drum 'n' bass -- and tosses them together in a thoughtful blend that's perhaps only rivaled by his label boss, Pretty Lights."

- Huffington Post

  "He masterfully combines the bits and pieces into a cohesive whole that reflects his devotion to hip-hop and his blossoming sound."

 - The Untz

Check out Gramatik's mash up of the classic Beetles song, "Dont Let Me Down" on Soundcloud!

  In addition to touring, Gramatik recently released his new EP #digitalfreedom. Since Gramatik has signed with PLM, his career has been based on the platform of free file sharing. Gramatik is dedicating this EP to the fight against the severe internet censorship bills we've been hearing about so much in recent months. With this EP, Gramatik hopes to spread awareness about the government acts that seek to regulate the internet This EP also represents an evolution of Gramatik's sound, as it strays from his usual chilled out hip-hop driven beats, and enters a more bass heavy realm. Good music does not just stick to one genre, and neither does Gramatik. With this EP, Gramatik wants you to open your ears to the new vibes, and embrace the versatility in his production.    


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