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Dose Of Dub

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Dose Of Dub Sorry things have been a little confusing over the last couple of weeks, we have been moving this segment to Tuesdays instead of Thursdays now.  Anyways, for the third segment of Dose Of Dub, I will be primarily focusing on trap with the exception of one bangin' dubstep song from my homie Diamond Pistols, aka Christian Dold, so that's where we'll start.  Diamond Pistols is one of the quicker rising bass names in the Pacific Northwest and with good reason.  He just released his remix of Dirty Monkeys 'Boom Bam' and it's quite possible it will give you goosebumps.  By the way, look out for my interview with him coming up soon!   Up next is a brand new original trap track from one of the Kings of trap himself, Luminox.  This time he goes a little more simple on the drop, but somehow it is just as intriguing.  Be on the lookout for more releases from him, because he's been on fire lately.   Sound Remedy just released his new remix of Lana Del Rey's 'Video Games' and this time he dabbles a little bit more in the trap side, but also makes it a little warmer and softer sounding, using his signature synths.  Sound Remedy has been all over the charts releasing some dubstep, trap, and some pop-sounding tracks.   To close things up, it wouldn't be the official holiday season without a trap remix of one of the classic Christmas songs.  TERRAVITA got into the holiday spirit and  did a trap remix of 'Carol Of The Bells' and actually turned it into a Christmas song that you actually WANT to listen to.