Savoy-‘Personal Legend’ EP (FREE DL!)

SAVOY have released their Personal Legend EP just months after the release of their Supertrail EP last August. This four song collection pack has been highly anticipated by Savoy fanatics for the past couple months, and I think it’s safe to say it more than lives up to their expectations.

The EP begins in typical SAVOY fashion with ‘The Bridge’. The Bridge, along with ‘Kidz’, features a steady, loud kick drum with enough electro and house sounds to keep you dancing all night. These two songs remind fans across the globe why they have come to love the trio.
Continuing in the same brilliance of The Bridge, the next two songs provide a new feel for this EP. Of the entire release, my personal favorite is ‘Aftershock’, a collaboration with fellow Boulder, CO locals Big Gigantic. Aftershock builds quickly into a very heavy (typical SAVOY) dubstep drop that transitions straight into the signature Big Gigantic saxophone melody they are so famous for. The rest of the song utilizes these two aspects in an ideal combination, with the sax providing anthem-like rhythms that perfectly contrast the bass-laden dubstep. Since announcing the prospect of a collaboration between these two massive artists, I had been yearning for a little taste of what we might expect, and Aftershock did not disappoint.
The final track, ‘Hard to Say,’ is an excellent mix of a variety of different genres. Elements of electro and house are evident in the beginning of the track and remain present throughout the song, while the overriding vocals and heavy bass of the drop are reminiscent of a more traditional dubstep song. The sound created is new and innovative for SAVOY and moves in a direction that SAVOY should continue to explore.

I am excited to see what the three producers have in store for future releases, but in the meantime, be sure to catch them on their Live with Lasers tour that is currently hitting 20+ cities across the U.S. You can find all tour dates and tickets OTB will be covering their Boulder Theater show, and we’re very excited to see what they have in store for us after their sell-out performance at Red Rocks this past September.

-Dylan Sondermann for Only The Beat



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