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Dose Of Dub

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dose Of Dub And we're back with a brand new segment of Dose Of Dub to get you through the rest of your week.  This time, we venture into some darker, and heavier bass music but it will lighten up near the end.  For starters, we have a couple monster original tracks from artists like  Culture Code, Tantrum Desire, up-and-comer Toer and one from the seasoned vet, Datsik with Getter, The Frim and Snak The Ripper.  Next we have killer remixes from Stratus of Krewella's 'Killin' It'; a remix from the bass trio themselves, Krewella gets their hands on Zedd's original 'Scorpion Move' with a nice vocal edit; and to close it out we have a dirty trap remix of Helicopter Showdown's 'Can You Feel Me' by the one and only Antiserum.   Okay I lied, there's more.  Finally to close it out we have a new mix from one of my favorite groups out there right now, Krewella.  This time they release 'Troll Mix Vol. 2 Road To Ultra' for a free download, which they will be doing over the next couple months.  As well as making a weekly video called 'Krewella Life' as they film their life on tour.  Below you can find both the 'Troll Mix Vol. 2' as well as the video to their latest 'Krewella Life'.